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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Little Fair in the Land!

East Perry Community Fair known as the Best Little Fair in the Land! or as I call it Altenburg Fair (that is the town it is in). It is the Best Little Fair. They start out on Fri. at 1:00 with a parade, you can see old cars, lots of old tractors, (grandson on red tractor with Mon & another picture with friend) children from pre school, big trucks, National Guard, horses and lots more. Barb came down and we went to the parade.
That night they have the Tractor pull. That is Adam with his tractor. Tractor pulls are a big thing in this area, and it is an old man hobby, but Adam just loves it. He is the youngest puller I have seen in this area. Brandon pulls the John Deere "Bee" which he pulled the first pull and his Dad (in picture) pulled the next pull. I wasn't there for Brandon.
They on Sat. they show there cattle. Barb and I didn't make that because my Guild had the Quilt Show in Cape.
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