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Sunday, September 16, 2012

SEMO District Fair....

Great weather, and great showing. This is Adam with his heifer. He came in first in his class.
Brandon with his heifer, he came in first too.
Then Brandon with his other heifer came in second.
Both boys going in for Grand Champion.

Adam won.

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Happy Birthday to me.....

My Birthday was Sept. 11. Like allways a great day. My husband got me the flowers. I got lots of cards, gifts from friends and wishes on Facebook. Thanks, to all.
I just notice Greg put my birth year on the card, now everyone knows how old I am.Posted by Picasa

Millwakee, Chris, and Rod Stewart....

all in one week-end.


First was Stevie Nicks.  She was good.   
Then came Rod Stewart.  He was great.  First he came out in yellow.   
Took that jacket off.   
Then came out in white and pink .   
Changed again and sang Hot Leg's while he kicked the soccer ball. My first time to see Rod was in St. Louis in the round and the next time I want to be in the front row.  He does such a great show.  The Millwakee fans all sang with every song. 
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Chris and Brittany

Chris and Brittany came down for Labor Day week-end and guess were Chris wanted to go to eat on Sunday?    "Lamberts"    1-1/2 hour wait.  We had a great time.  He's very good at catching the rolls.
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