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Saturday, January 21, 2012

New house on the Ranch...

Adam made this house for me, well I guess it's for the birds, Bluejays. He made this out of scraps. He is really good at woodwork. I'm going to have to look at pattern books.
I'm done with House on the Hill by Merry Cox. There are several different dates on the stitching. I guess I will have to look to see which Merry project to finish next.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

I forgot...

These two gifts from Carole. This is a solar flower. When the sun is out it moves and is happy little flower as can be. Just like me on those sunny days.
I'm not sure what this is called but I think a cowl or neck keep warm scarf. I love it. It will keep me nice and warm. Which as most of you know I'm cold all the time. Happy New Year and I will keep my eye on the flower so I know when to dance.

Check out the last 4 post....

I was having trouble with blogger so Barb showed me another way and so I have posted 4 post. So if you look at my blog go back and see what I have been up to.

This is a picture of a surprise box from Cleveland (Carole). The triangle rolls are to do an exchange quilt with 5 other girls. Will be fun. The Snowman has towels in his hat, the show is a pin cushion and at the bottom of the box were all those wine corks. What fun, and they look so nice in my glass wear.
June made the pincushion from a shoe she bought. Thanks, girls. So if you have the time check out my other post.

Quilts done,done, & done....

Yes I have added the binding to several quilts that were quilted in December and they are done. This quilt was a Minick & Simpson pattern. When it came out I was in those Cow knock down days and was unable to get the fabric. I found the red fabric at one shop and then when in Cleveland I got the star fabric and then ordered the top star banner from online. I love it. So does Brandon but he will have to wait to get it. Right now he wants every quilt I finish.
I hand appliqued this quilt years ago. Put it together last year at the Quilt Retreat in March and now it is finished.
This was an exchange block that I couldn't keep up on. There were 5 or 6 of us working on this block several years ago and I gave some of there blocks back to them. I was going to make more and then to get it done I just added a square in between. It turned out nice.
This was a scrap exchange block from years ago. I don't remember the name of it. I'm just glad it is done and quilted.

Quilt for Tammy & Steve...

This is Brandon's new Christmas boots.
I made this quilt for Tammy and Steve's bed.
Tammy likes black and white but I had to add the yellow to it.
One of the kids took our picture with the quilt. They seemed to both like it.
Steve wanted to know if this was a quilt that you put on the bed and then take off or could they sleep under it. By all means sleep under it. It is 105" X 105". That may be my last big quilt. Queen isn't so bad but I couldn't even fold this one when I was done with it.

Christmas in Branson...

Barb and I went to Kimberling City to visit my sister Susan. She only lives 10 miles to Branson were her husband works. Were she lives is a great location. Close to the lake, which you can see from her house. Roger took us into Branson to see the light show. It was real nice. We had such a good time.

Lights on everything. It is so pretty when it gets dark.

This tree is in the center and that is were the light show is and the light parade. The tree does a light show to music. I didn't get that on a picture. So before the show the tree turns different colors.

Posted by PicasaWe had a great week-end. Thank You Susan and Roger.