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Friday, December 17, 2010

Wonderful Weekend.....

Last weekend My sister Susan and I met in St. Louis and stayed at the Drury Inn in Arnold. We had a great time. We went to the Show Fri. night and saw The Tourist, we liked it. Then we stoped at Koyles because they were open till midnight. Susan lives by Branson but to St. Louis it is still 4 1/2 hours. On Saturday, Barb, Susan and I went to a Craft Fair in Ill. The sweet young man in the picture is Deegan. He is 4 years old. He loves to talk, loves his Grandma (Susan) and swim. We met Deegan and his family at Blue Owl for lunch. Paul and Caleb joined us.
This is my sister Susan, and her son Roger, Deegan's father. You can tell by the smile can't you. Yes that is my sister with red hair. My brother and other sister have red hair too. I don't know were they got me from.
This is Holly, Deegan's Mom and Roger's wife. She is so pretty. They are expecting another child? After lunch we went back to the motel and Caleb and Deegan went swimming. They had the pool to themselves for about an hour and then came the Birthday party kids.
After they left we started a scrapbook project that Barb got for all of us. (Yes, we had our free drinks and hot dog and chili.) We finished it up on Sunday morning before we went to the show again to see Burlesque. Great movie. We had gotten some snow Sat. night so after the movie we all went home. It was a great week-end. I think we will have to do that again soon.
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Monday, December 06, 2010


We started the first day of our cruise (Sunday) in New Orleans. We went to Mass at the St. Louis Cathedral. Those are the Reininger's in front and you might be able to see grandpa on the left by the lamp post.
Inside of the Church.
Sites of New Orleans. There was a game in town that day so lots of people.
There is our ship waiting for us. It was a wonderful week. Had a great time.
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Saturday, November 06, 2010

This picture was going to be under the quilt picture from the last post but it didn't happen. So here is the back of the quilt and the bag I made to go with it. I didn't have a gift bag so I made one. This way she can put the quilt in it or the baby's toys
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I haven't updated in awhile....

I have been busy. I got these two gift Scrapbooking baskets together for a benefit auction for Brody Guard. Thanks to my friends who helped me get enough together to make two baskets. They sold for $125.00 each.

On Sat. Oct. 30 I went to St. Louis and Barb and I took an all day class with Wendy Vecchi of Studio 490, at For Keepssakes. This was the afternoon class. Mine is on the right and Barb's is on the left.

This was the morning class. Learned a lot and had a great time.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ready, Set....

Warmup. Adam is in the middle with dark hair. This was a cross country meet at Notre Dame School in Cape on Sat.

Now they are ready to go. This is about half the kids.
There goes Adam.
Adam on his last lap. This is Cross Country so they run 3.1 miles. His time (I think) was 20 min. The guy that came in first was 18 min. This is his first year to run.
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The little Hawaiian Girl quilt and the John Deer quilt were 2 quilts that were in the Auction for Breast Cancer. I won them. The JD one is for Caleb. The quilt in the bottom center was the winner for machine quilting.
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River Heritage Quilt Guild QUILT SHOW

The Quilt Show was Sept. 25 & 26th. It took me a few days to get pictures from the show on the blog. This group is the First Place and Best of Show pictures.
This group is the Second Place ribbon winners.
This is the Third Place and Honorable Mention ribbon winners. I may of missed a few pictures of winners.
This lovely group is of the No Ribbon winners. Most of us don't enter to win a ribbon (maybe the money) but just like to see our hard work on display. This lady in the middle is me with my two group quilts. I made the tops and another lady did the quilting. We had 120 quilt on display. So the pictures are not of all of them. It was a very pretty show. Lots of wonderful quilts.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Little Fair in the Land!

East Perry Community Fair known as the Best Little Fair in the Land! or as I call it Altenburg Fair (that is the town it is in). It is the Best Little Fair. They start out on Fri. at 1:00 with a parade, you can see old cars, lots of old tractors, (grandson on red tractor with Mon & another picture with friend) children from pre school, big trucks, National Guard, horses and lots more. Barb came down and we went to the parade.
That night they have the Tractor pull. That is Adam with his tractor. Tractor pulls are a big thing in this area, and it is an old man hobby, but Adam just loves it. He is the youngest puller I have seen in this area. Brandon pulls the John Deere "Bee" which he pulled the first pull and his Dad (in picture) pulled the next pull. I wasn't there for Brandon.
They on Sat. they show there cattle. Barb and I didn't make that because my Guild had the Quilt Show in Cape.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Too much to do & I need to be well...

I have the allergy infection that I get in Sept. or Oct. I guess (I know) I got it at the Fair. So I spent Sun., Mon., and Tuesday trying to get well. I felt better Wed. till that night. So I don't feel so great now. So I won't be at Bunco tonight and will only help with the judging for a couple hours.

For the quilt Show you have to bring your quilts in a pillowcase. I can't find the ones I made years ago so yesterday and this morning I made 3 cases. I have to say it was so much fun. It doesn't take long and it made me feel good. One of the girls put in the newsletter for the Guild this web site - It's a real fast method and easy. I had to come in the house 2 or 3 times to watch part of the video again because I forgot by the time I got to the Studio. Some day we will have Internet in the Studio. The pillowcase in the middle goes with Barb's quilt. I will make another one, so they will have two for there bed.

I guess thats all. I will take some quilt pictures and put them on the blog. If you are in the area stop by the Arena building in Cape Girardau on Sat. or Sunday from 9-4. It will be a good show.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

FAIR WEEK is over......

Work hard, play hard, and maybe make a little money. Both boys sold there steers and that was the avg. price for the group. Would of liked more for the kids but if you don't have the buyers to bid what can you do. The buyers didn't want the steers so we bring them home and feed them a couple more weeks and then sell them for those good steaks on the table.
This is Brandon waiting to sell his steer. Everyone thought this one would be first because he won at the Prospect Show in Aug. Different judge. The steer weight is 1200 lbs.

This is Adam selling his steer in the ring. He got first in his class. His weight is 1200 lbs.
Two of my handsome grandsons in the ring.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

All 5 quilts are ready...

This is the last quilt for the Quilt Show. The River Heritage Quilt Guild Show is Sept. 25 and 26, 9 to 4:00 both days in Cape at the Arena Building. There will be lots of Quilts, Bed turning, and Vendors and good food.
I got this wonderful crown in the mail today from Barb ( my DD) for my Birthday. Isn't it nice. A Crown for the Queen Mother.
We got 3.4" of rain yesterday and last night. What is in my yard when I get up, 3 steers, They found a hole in the fence and out they went to get the better grass. Because of the rian you can see they left some foot prints in the yard. But I know they had a good time.
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Friday, September 03, 2010

I did It !!!

This is the class I took in Aug. and in less than a month I have it finished. I'm so prood of myself.
I got an early Birthday present from my friend in Cleveland. That is a tote bag made out of place mat (I think or two dish towels). She is the queen of tote bags. I love the scrapbooking paper. Thank You Monica.

Big plans for Sat. the girls from St. Louis are coming down to Scrap in my Studio. We will get a lot done then.
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Making way....

This quilt is to put in the center of your table or a wallhanging. It was a Perryville Quilt Guild project in 2009.
This project is for the Cape Quilt Guild Auction at the Quilt Show Sept. 25 & 26.

This was a quilt top that was made for a Jo Morton class I was teaching a few years back.

This wool table mat turned out real nice. Didn't take long to do. I have been busy in the Studio and hope to keep it up and get more quilt projects done.
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