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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Calf born on Christmas Day...

 and the Birthday of his Mom.  Yes the cow was born 2 years ago on Dec. 25 and Grandson named her Baby Jesus.  Well today her calf (a bull) was born and his name is BJ2.  It was a good day for all.  Happy 2nd. Birthday to Mommy Cow and Happy Birthday to BJ2 and Happy Birthday to Jesus. 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have finished several quilts this month...

This is a wool quilt that was started several years ago.  The blocks were done I just had to quilt it and bind it.  Once a upon a time there were 6 of us girls that got together once a month to stitch and talk.  This was a round robin.  They all did there's in cotton and I did mine in wool.  I was just getting into wool at that time.  I think I started it with the house, barn, deer, tree and star block.  I'm going to try and get these girls together again to see if they remember which block they did. 


This is a Let's Strtip It block that I made into a baby quilt.  I taughter this class at my Perryville Guild and the ladys made such different quilt with the block. 

This quilt I made for my friend Tina for her Birthday.   

This one was made out of strip homespun fabric.  It was easy and fun and would make a good quilt for a boy. 
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Look at what Tina made...

My friend Tina has turned into a wool crafter.  This is her second or third thing she has done.
 Great job.  
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adam's first Deer...

He has seen lots of deer, but this is his first.   
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween..

My Studio mate is going to be a witch. 

I finished my Quarker Sampler for Halloween.  I just need to get it framed. 

I all so finished the journal and cover for the book.  I never run out of things to do.  Just time. 
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pillow's for #1

He's #1 because he was my first born Grandson.  They are all #1 in my heart.  These pillow's match his quilt that I made, and gave to him a couple months ago.I had them wraped in plastic before I thought I would take a picture of them.  He will be in St. Louis this week-end for the Green Bay game.  They are playing you know who. 
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

SEMO District Fair....

Great weather, and great showing. This is Adam with his heifer. He came in first in his class.
Brandon with his heifer, he came in first too.
Then Brandon with his other heifer came in second.
Both boys going in for Grand Champion.

Adam won.

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Happy Birthday to me.....

My Birthday was Sept. 11. Like allways a great day. My husband got me the flowers. I got lots of cards, gifts from friends and wishes on Facebook. Thanks, to all.
I just notice Greg put my birth year on the card, now everyone knows how old I am.Posted by Picasa

Millwakee, Chris, and Rod Stewart....

all in one week-end.


First was Stevie Nicks.  She was good.   
Then came Rod Stewart.  He was great.  First he came out in yellow.   
Took that jacket off.   
Then came out in white and pink .   
Changed again and sang Hot Leg's while he kicked the soccer ball. My first time to see Rod was in St. Louis in the round and the next time I want to be in the front row.  He does such a great show.  The Millwakee fans all sang with every song. 
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Chris and Brittany

Chris and Brittany came down for Labor Day week-end and guess were Chris wanted to go to eat on Sunday?    "Lamberts"    1-1/2 hour wait.  We had a great time.  He's very good at catching the rolls.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Steve...

That is my son Steve, me, and his wife Tammy. That is the quilt I made them for there new bed and new house. Steve had a Birthday July 9th. He is 43. This is the only picture I could find of him except on a tractor. One of these days I'm going to get the old pictures out so I can put on the one of Steve in shorts and cowboy boots.

I forgot one...

I forgot to add this quilt to the list. Since Barb didn't get the quilt that Chis is getting now I gave her this one. She can use it as a lap quilt or table quilt. She was happy with that.

A few more projects I have finished...

I had the rug hooking done on this Santa rug but I had to do the binding on it. It is ready for Christmas 2012.
I stitched this cross stitch by Blackbird Designs in late 2011 and part of 2012. I just got it back from the framer. I love it.
Three pincushions I had to finish up.

I'm still here, just busy...

Here are some pictures of finished projects. I finished the Rug hooking for the box at our Girls Night Inn week-end in June. I glued it in the box a couple weeks ago.
This quilt turned out wonderful. The small churn dash blocks were exchange blocks between 6 of my quilt friends that would meet once a month at each others house. The blocks have been done for several years and I have been working on getting those quilts put together.
This quilt top was put together at this years Ky. Lake get together in March. It was for my daughter Barb. Then we thought it would look great on her oldest, Chris, love seat. It is a lap size.
Hope he likes it.
In May I taught a class at the Perryville Quilt Guild called "Strip it". I made a baby quilt size for a sample, the one on the left. The blocks on the right are the ones that were made in class. There were 17 quilters in the class.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


First we have to get the old one out to get the JD moving. 
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