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Thursday, April 26, 2012


First we have to get the old one out to get the JD moving. 
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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Happy Easter

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Check this out ...

House Boat being put in the water at Ky. Lake Thur. of our retreat. On Tue. they had a crane come in an put the top on.
Chanel 6 was there and interviewed Carol. We don't think it made the news.
Divers had to go in to put air bags under the rear end to keep it from hitting the bottom when going in.
It made it. This is a 7 bedroom, 7 bath house boat. It will go down to New Orleans and then to Tampa and then off to India. We think that story is right. We heard a lot of different ones over our two hour watch (just Carole and I). But that is what we heard on the news. It was interesting. Her sister ship will be put in this week. It's a few feet smaller. They are made in Ky.

More on the Ky. Lake Retreat...

Carol's wool bed cover. She worked on it last year too but the top is done now. She just needs to put a back on it.
On the felt board waiting to be put together.
This top is done now. I'm going to teach this at the Perryville Guild in May.
Lap quilt for Barb. Still have the borders to put on.

Ky Lake Retreat...

A few of the items finished at the Lake. Carol and Monica worked on Wool projects.
That is Carol with her wool quilt and June with her cross stitch.
June getting her embroidery ready, Cheri at the machine and Monica working at the table.
The weather was great. They talked about maybe rain and maybe not. Well we got the not. More on next page.

More on the Cruise...

First stop was Jamaica.
The 4 girls on there way to Mexico. Boy do they have some stories.
Turtle Farm in Cayman.
Yes, that is Barb holding a turtle.

Girls Cruise...

March has been a busy month. The first part of March 11 of us Girls went on a Cruise. We had a great time the food, entertainment, side trips and lots of laughs.

I could tell you more but what happens on the ship stays on the ship.

I'm so behind on my posting. The Snowball Dance was the end of Feb. Don't they look nice together? The tractor has to be in some of the pictures.