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Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have finished several quilts this month...

This is a wool quilt that was started several years ago.  The blocks were done I just had to quilt it and bind it.  Once a upon a time there were 6 of us girls that got together once a month to stitch and talk.  This was a round robin.  They all did there's in cotton and I did mine in wool.  I was just getting into wool at that time.  I think I started it with the house, barn, deer, tree and star block.  I'm going to try and get these girls together again to see if they remember which block they did. 


This is a Let's Strtip It block that I made into a baby quilt.  I taughter this class at my Perryville Guild and the ladys made such different quilt with the block. 

This quilt I made for my friend Tina for her Birthday.   

This one was made out of strip homespun fabric.  It was easy and fun and would make a good quilt for a boy. 
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Monica said...

I wondered why you didn't post for so long - now I were busy finishing up all these qults! Lovely!