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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Check this out ...

House Boat being put in the water at Ky. Lake Thur. of our retreat. On Tue. they had a crane come in an put the top on.
Chanel 6 was there and interviewed Carol. We don't think it made the news.
Divers had to go in to put air bags under the rear end to keep it from hitting the bottom when going in.
It made it. This is a 7 bedroom, 7 bath house boat. It will go down to New Orleans and then to Tampa and then off to India. We think that story is right. We heard a lot of different ones over our two hour watch (just Carole and I). But that is what we heard on the news. It was interesting. Her sister ship will be put in this week. It's a few feet smaller. They are made in Ky.

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