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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great day in small town...

Once a year Friends and neighbors in Friedheim (just up the road) have a day of activities, which include a tractor ride, live music and a dinner. There is no charge for anything but they ask for a donations to help with medical bills and physical therapy for Friedheim resident, David Seabaugh, who was injured in a farm accident earlier this year. This is a picture of Brandon and Cooper waiting for the tractors to come by our ranch and they will join in.

Here they come.

We are watching from Steve & Tammy's drive way. Steve even put up a tent for some shade.

That is Mr. Seabaugh in the wagon.

This is Adam on his tractor. I didn't get a picture of Caleb on his tractor. When the last tractor passed the boys were ready to join in.

They had a silent auction for some items and I won this quilt. It is so nice. We stayed till about 9:30. Cooper went home early because he danced up a storm. He loved the music. Posted by Picasa

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becky said...

how wonderful! that is a beautiful quilt you won, and i am sure the boys had a great time on the tractors :)